Decatur Rabbit Breeders Association


Decatur RBA Membership Application

I enclose $ __________ and make application for membership in the Decatur RBA, and agree to abide to the constitution and bylaws of the club and to further the interest of rabbits and cavies.

Name (please print): _____________________________________________

Family or Joint Members Names: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

City/ State: ______________________________Zip Code: ______________

Email: __________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________________________________

Rabbitry or Caviary Name: ________________________________________

Breeds Raised: ___________________________________________________

ARBA Number(s):_________________________________________________

Single Membership per year: $8.00

Joint/Husband&Wife per year: $10.00

Family per year: $15.00

Send Membership Application and checks payable to “Decatur RBA,” to: Charlotte Ford, 1261 Lee Peters Rd. S.W., Loganville GA 30052.